Happy Mother’s Day

To all the mothers reading this, Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrated on the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is a special day to honour all mothers and motherhood. So raise a toast to the woman who raised you.

This Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to focus on women’s health and what we can do to make their lives healthier and happier. While men and women have a lot of similar health issues, women have their own set of problems. Issues like thyroid, migraines, stroke, osteoporosis and hypertension tend to affect more women than men. Combine that with gender-specific health issues like breast and cervical cancer and it’s clear that women need to pay attention to their health.

The advancements in medicine and healthcare mean that women not only live longer but also healthier. That being said, women still face a lot of challenges when it comes to their health.

The ever-changing beauty standards that are propagated online often force women to diet and eat certain foods over others. Women also use more cosmetics than men, especially if their job involves public appearances. Even though branded cosmetics are tested, they are expensive, forcing women to look for alternates which may not be the safest choice for them. While most women don’t see any immediate side-effects from these fad diets and cosmetics, the long-term effects can be severe.

Women are gifted with the ability to carry life. And this comes with its own set of hurdles. From fertility issues to pregnancy to postnatal care, women need to pay special attention to what they eat and their daily habits as this can affect the child as well. Healthy mothers lead to healthy babies!

As women enter menopause, the essential hormones oestrogen and progesterone are produced less than what the body needs. This period in a woman’s life can be chaotic and lead to a lot of stress. Menopause is not a disease, it’s a natural process of change. Nonetheless, it’s important that women consult a doctor if the symptoms start affecting their quality of life.

You inherit a lot of behavioural characteristics from your mother through her genes. That includes hereditary diseases. By paying special attention to your mother’s health, you can keep yourself healthy. If she’s suffering from some health issues, chances are you might too. Understanding your genetics can help you prevent most of the illnesses through lifestyle changes.

There’s no arguing that mothers are superheroes*. From giving birth to raising us and shaping our lives, our mothers have always been there for us. Sadly most of the time we take them for granted. Be it working moms or stay-at-home moms, sometimes we forget to appreciate them for everything they do. So let’s take a moment to simply say Thank you.

*In case you thought we were bluffing, our Chairperson is also a mother. From taking care of her little one to running her own dental practice, and finding time to mentor Welezo, she really is a superstar. Just like so many of you women out there. Happy Mother’s Day from Welezo!

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