Donate Blood, Save Lives. World Blood Donor Day 2018

You don’t have to be a doctor to save a life. Donate Blood. Save Lives.

Every two seconds, someone around the world needs blood. In many countries, there is a huge shortage of blood, and blood banks face challenges in ensuring the blood is of good quality and safe for transfusion. Even when blood is collected through donors, it can be stored by a blood bank only for a short period of time. This limited shelf-life means that it’s difficult to have a stock of blood ready for use during times of disasters. The only solution is to encourage people to donate blood.

The challenge lies in raising awareness on blood donation and getting more voluntary donors. Many possible blood donors shy away from the opportunity to donate blood due to fear or a lack of understanding. Donors are always screened for health issues that would put them at risk from donating blood. In most cases, fainting is the worst problem encountered. The only real risk arises from using equipment that has not been properly sterilized. Otherwise, blood donation is completely risk-free.

Blood donation helps save millions of lives every year supporting complex medical and surgical procedures that require large quantities of blood to helping people with life-threatening diseases live longer with a better quality of life. It also plays a vital, life-saving role in maternal and child care. You may think that donating blood is not a big deal and that you don’t have to get involved. But where would you go if you suddenly needed blood for yourself or a loved one?

Every year, June 14th is celebrated as World Blood Donor Day to raise awareness on safe blood donation and to thank blood donors for volunteering to save a life. This is also the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the scientist who invented the ABO blood group system.  This year’s theme is “Be there for someone else. Give Blood. Share Life.” promoting the concept of paying it forward by donating blood.

You can have a huge impact on many lives through the simple act of donating blood. Take the case of James Harrison, also known as the man with the golden arm. After undergoing a major chest surgery at the age of 14, and realizing that many unknown blood donors saved his life, James Harrison pledged to donate blood as soon as he could. He started donating blood at the age of 18, and has saved over 2.4 million babies through 1173 donations, until his last donation at the age of 81!

India requires 5 Crore units of blood every year but only half of it is available. Blood can not be manufactured, it can only come from generous donors. One pint of your blood can help save three lives. And it takes less than 30 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Register yourself as a blood donor today!

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