Awareness About Cancers And Early Diagnosis Through Women’s Health Checkup Helps

Female cancers are of different varieties and could be a problem especially when diagnosed quite late in the progression of the disease. Common cancers which usually affect women are breast, cervical, uterine, endometrial, lungs, skin and ovarian. If they are aware about these cancers and go for cancer health checkup, it is highly probable that the conditions can be detected quite early and proper therapies can be initiated to save the life.

To provide strength to this fact that early diagnosis and quality therapy can help women fight cancer successfully, lets go through some of the common cancers in females.

  • Finding early signs of breast cancer through regular screening methods

Breast cancer is one of the very commonest cancers in women and can occur in different age groups. But usually the propensity increases along with age. There might be various reasons for the occurrence of breast cancer in some women, especially linked to genetic and environmental causes. Still then it is fair to know about this type of cancer and be aware. The best way to fight cancer is to be aware and ensure that if anything starts, it should be detected at the earliest stage possible through women health checkup. It is therefore advised that women within 40 to 44 years of age should have annual breast screening. After 45 years, they can routinely go for mammography once in a year. After the age of 55 years, they can go for screening once in 2 years and be in touch with their gynaecologists or general physicians. Besides getting screened using diagnostic methods, women should also be able to do their own tests at home by simple method of touch or palpation to detect any abnormal mass at the earliest.

  • Cancer of the endometrium possible to be diagnosed at early stage with proper cancer health checkup

Endometrial cancer is one of the other common female cancers, which can be detected early if ladies are conscious and aware. It occurs mostly after the age of 55, especially in women who have no children, or have late menopause or infertility or taking anti-breast cancer drugs. If the ladies are taking estrogens without progesterones, they are also prone to such cancers and it is also seen in women who are obese or who have polycystic ovarian disease. High degree of suspicion in the prone cases can be extremely helpful in finding the cancer at the earliest stage during women health checkup. For this to be detected, women should be made aware about the endometrial cancer and the proper screening methods. Abnormal bleeding is one of the commonest symptoms of this type of cancer and therefore women should not neglect any such abnormality.

  • Finding out cervical cancer much before the spread

Going for the pap smear test during women’s health checkup is a very effective method of diagnosing the cervical cancer in women. This type of cancer is seen in sexually active women and hence it is necessary to get the diagnosis done at regular intervals. It is also seen more in women who smoke or suffer from immunosuppressive diseases. Diagnosing cervical cancer at the early stages is done through pap smear test, possibly during pregnancy or after pregnancy. It should start by the age of 35, along with test for HPV virus. Better help can be provided by the gynaecologists with whom ladies should be in regular consultation if they want to get any diagnosis of women related cancer.

Besides breast cancer, endometrial and cervical cancer, women are seen suffering from colo-rectal and skin cancer quite frequently, which through regular tests and health checkup and visits to the doctors can be diagnosed quite early and treatments can be started also at the very initial phases.

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