YES, MONDAY AGAIN..!!!! 5 Simple Tips to get your week going in a better and Healthier way


Which implies that whatever occurred at the end of the week, has gone and it is time for a fresh new week. So whether it is beginning your diet, cutting out on sugar/ junk/ coffee, exercising more this week, or dedicating yourself to more you time, there is no better time than to begin now. Here are some best and simple tips to help keep you on track, for a cheerful and healthy week.

1. Keep your CHECKLIST ready

Write down three objectives for the day, every morning, and that way you will begin your day with a positive and clear mentality. Prior to bed, check them off, and it will feel so great having accomplished those objectives for the healthy you.

Journal book
Best habits to inhabit.

2. Get Your GREENS In

Add more veggies to your suppers, regardless of whether it be tossing in a bunch of spinach in your breakfast smoothie, or barbecuing a few greens for your meals. They are loaded with fibers and necessary supplements which will keep you and your tummy happy in a healthy way.

Green Leaves

3. Get Movin’

No time to get to the gym? Do not worry!!

Yes, even we admit that everyone does have their own busy calendar! Every little thing helps. Get off the transport one stop early, or climb the stairs rather than the elevator, park your vehicle a little further away.  These little endeavors will have a significant effect, in getting your pulse pumping and your body moving. You will be a step closer to fitness.


4. Tune into Happiness

Listen to your favorite songs while getting ready for work or on the way to the office but Yes, don’t forget to keep your eyes on roads. Try to bring out your inner child by signing a song- Remember you are the best soloist. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it can make to your mood.

Listening o

5. Drink More, Sweat More

Ensure you drink a lot of water. If you cannot down a big bottle of water, make a big pot of herbal tea.

Be hydrated!! Drink enough water

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